"Erna and Hrefna are eleven-year-old identical twins from Iceland. I started to photograph them when they were nine years old in 2009, and this will be an ongoing project until they are sixteen years old. I will visit them every year. My intention for this project is to capture the very precious period of their growth from child to teenager, physically as well as psychologically. The relationship between identical twins is an interesting subject matter. I often hear that identical twins have telepathic connections. This is true of Erna and Hrefna. They are always together. They almost never fight with each other. Spending time with them, I feel such comfort in their companionship but at the same time I feel strange because I have never seen such a powerful connection between any two human beings. They say to me, ‘From time to time, we dream the same dreams.’"


Moschino Spring /Summer 2015



Pretty Baby (1978)



Marie Antoinette on a Rose of Versailles ruler

[source: my scan/collection]


Young Man Sketching, William Bruce Ellis Ranken




Traced the original image back to here at a bed & breakfast in new orleans. Still wonderful.


Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs advertisement